Welcome to Music City Law

When you blink in Nashville these days, your eyes will open to a new high rise around the corner, a new culinary gem earning nonstop praise, a breakout band blowing up the music blogs, a half dozen new cocktail bars, and news that a revolutionary startup is setting roots in town. After years of experience working for some of the best law firms in town, we noticed that despite Nashville’s constant change, its legal industry still operates on business models that predate the Ryman. That’s no insult on the Mother Church- but there’s a big difference between perfectly designed sound acoustics and billing people for legal services.

We created Music City Law because we believe the size of your bank account should not determine the quality of the lawyers available to you. Whether you’re dealing with a current legal headache or trying to avoid one in the future, our overarching goal is to keep your experience as value-driven and downright pleasant as we can.

High quality, value-driven, and compassionate legal services — that’s the Music City Law mission, and that’s why we’re built for today’s Music City.