Sometimes you buy something, and almost immediately it stops working. Sometimes this is bad luck. Unfortunately, there are also unethical manufacturers and salespeople who are more than happy to make money by selling defective or unsafe products.

Many times, for high ticket items like a vehicle or an appliance, they even have the nerve to threaten consumers with lawsuits or collection actions after you stop making payments because you can no longer use the item you purchased in good faith. Other times, you might have had a warranty purchased along with the product and been given an excuse that the reason your product isn’t working isn’t covered by the policy.

There are a number of different laws that protect consumers. Even better news for our clients, many of the laws that protect consumers even have provisions that will allow you to collect punitive damages (extra money beyond what you’ve paid for the product) and / or your attorney’s fees. At Music City Law, we’ve helped many of our clients get justice after being sold defective goods. We’re always happy to hear about your individual case during our free intake process to determine if we’re the right firm for you.