Music City Law was founded in 2019 by attorneys David Goldman and Seamus Kelly after more than a decade of collective experience working for Nashville law firms. At Music City Law, our aim is to combine the professionalism and diligence of a traditional law firm with the flexibility and creativity of modern disruptive innovation to offer our clients unbeatable personal experience and value.

So, what makes Music City Law different from the law firms of yesteryear? 

First, because our founders worked for traditional law firms for years, we know first-hand the hard work and diligence it takes to provide premium legal services to clients… as well as what practices are “that’s just the way we do things” relics. While there’s no room for cutting corners in researching your case or preparing for a trial, there are plenty of ways to modernize the practice of law that benefit the client. For instance, from the day your matter opens until the day it’s closed, we have the ability to do everything online — maintaining organized and easily accessible digital files, accepting payments, and utilizing military-level encryption for the transmission of sensitive data. This cuts out a lot of red tape, paperwork, and most importantly unnecessary costs for our clients. We’ve also used our knowledge of the Nashville legal market to focus on growing our practice in areas in which Nashville has been traditionally underserved or is on the cusp of revolutionarily changes.

Second, we keep our overhead low so we can keep our legal fees below market, making high quality legal services accessible to more Nashvillians. You won’t find a large library and the smell of rich mahogany in our office, just some laptops with all the same content and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. No penthouse conference rooms and fancy artwork, just functional space and a few pictures of our dogs. Ultimately, we’re aware of modern socio-economic trends that mean the average person is less likely to have adequate savings to cover their legal needs, and we don’t think that means ordinary people shouldn’t have access to excellent representation… especially in a city that benefits from a daily influx of artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers moving here with just a suitcase, a month’s rent, and big plans for their futures.

Third, we’re “people people.” If you need a lawyer, you’re likely dealing with some serious stress and the scariness of the unknown. At Music City Law, you’ll never be treated like just another person in line being processed – our goal is for all of our clients, no matter how simple their current legal needs, to be lifelong clients. When important decisions need to be made in your case, we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Our job is to help you make decisions based on logic and reason while acknowledging, but not being controlled by, emotional factors.  A foundation of trust and respect is useful in any relationship, and we make it a priority in our attorney-client relationships.

At Music City Law, we think it’s important to give back to those whose hard work benefits the greater good and offer a 10% discount to nonprofit organizations, unions, active members of the armed services, and veterans.

Meet Our Team Members

David Goldman
Seamus Kelly