There’s a reason Nashville is called Music City, and the music industry is a big reason a lot of our neighbors are here. When it comes to music, you can find it all in today’s Nashville: genre, role, experience… literally every facet of the music industry at every level is here. The person in line behind you at the coffee shop could be a celebrated music agent, and the barista serving you both might be the next big pop star.

At Music City Law, we know the in flux of creatives into our city is a big part of what makes it so special, and we’re here for them. Traditionally, the huge record production companies, agencies, and stars are being looked out for by some of the most experienced (and expensive) entertainment lawyers all over the world, while the next generation can afford to get their legal advice from… blogs?

Music City Law is here to change that. While we’re more than happy to sit down with Taylor Swift or Warner Brothers if they’re looking for new representation, we know there’s a huge market of music industry aspirants all over this city who don’t hire lawyers until it’s too late…

Whether you need a contract reviewed, a cease and desist letter drafted, representation in a lawsuit, or just help getting set up and incorporated, Music City Law is here for you. We charge less than half that we could because so many of you out there need good representation and we want to be accessible to you. And our business model is based on the fact that you’ll be so happy with the work we do for you, that by the time Kings of Leon are opening for you, we’ll still be your lawyers.