Estate Planning

A good plan can make even the most difficult situations a lot more bearable. While nobody likes to think about planning out the end of their lives, proper estate planning makes sure your wishes are preserved, potential family rifts can be mooted, and your loved ones can handle everything that needs to be done without any self-doubt or unnecessary stress.

Sure, you could download a form will off of a website, but at Music City Law, we know that even the slightest ambiguity can lead to costly and unnecessary legal battles for your loved ones at a time they really don’t need any additional grief. Our will drafting process is simple but thorough: we have a tried and true method for making sure all of your assets are accounted for, your most treasured belongings end up in the right hands, and every major contingency is covered.

Our living will or “advanced directive” process similarly ensures you have full control over decisions made regarding medical treatment based on various factors such as age, health status, and projected incapacities.

For clients in and around Nashville, a few emails and a brief meeting are all it takes to make sure your and your loved ones’ futures are accounted for, and our highly competitive rates make it worth your while to take care of your will and living will with us. And now that we’ve all gotten the hang of remote meetings, we’re able to offer this service all over the State of Tennessee.

Most importantly, sitting around and dwelling upon these issues is a less than ideal way to pass the time. That’s where a law firm that treats you like the human being you are rather than another matter to close out makes all the difference. At Music City Law, we do things the right way, literally and figuratively.

Probate / Estate Disputes

All of our expertise in estate planning makes Music City Law the ideal law firm to actually handle the processes of “probating” a family member’s estate or litigation that often arises when loved ones have differences in opinion on the deceased’s actual intent… we warned you about those pesky ambiguities.