While Tennessee might not be the most progressive state when it comes to drug reform policy, now that thirty-six states and counting have medicinal and/or recreational marijuana laws already on the books, the back of the line is getting shorter.

In fact, there are hundreds of legally registered cannabis plant growers right here in Tennessee right now, stocking the small but mighty Tennessee CBD industry. However, there are not a lot of lawyers who know much about the current Tennessee cannabis industry or what the landscape of legal medicinal or recreational marijuana laws and regulations will look like.

A lot of entrepreneurs are starting to see the green to be made off the green in such an agriculturally gifted state – both in legal CBD production and sales today and leveraging that foot through the door when the other show inevitably drops… but what they may not realize is that one misstep today could leave them completely exiled them from participation in the legal cannabis and marijuana markets that will develop down the road.

At Music City Law, we work with our CBD industry clients to make sure they are fully compliant with local, state, and federal rules, laws, and regulations. In the meantime, we’re slowly but surely learning the science behind the agriculture, cultivation, and processing of CBD and THC, and we’re paying attention to how other states are shaping their legal frameworks to meet the unique challenges of this exciting new industry.