‘Tis the season for being thankful, so instead of discussing legal issues and why you need the great legal representation that Music City Law offers, this blog post is going to focus on some of the things that we do to show our gratitude to the people that make Nashville such a wonderful place to live. [1] Sure, our new law firm keeps us pretty busy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take time to appreciate all that our great city has to offer, or to give back and help keep this city so special. In fact, our philosophy is that, beyond the warm and fuzzy feeling we get from being good neighbors,[2] being active parts of the community and making human connections introduces us to more potential clients and referral sources than any billboard or TV commercial ever could.

For instance, despite the requirements of being a lawyer, husband, dog dad, and East Nashville karaoke legend, David is a member of NextUP, a junior board that recruits volunteers and raises money for the Martha O’Bryan Center, one of Nashville’s largest anti-poverty non-profits. We also find the time to help our neighbors through tough times, like when freak accidents strike.[3]

Like many Nashvillians, we were super bummed to find out that one of our favorite neighborhood bars, Hurry Back, suffered significant damage in a fire and had to temporarily close.[4] As disappointed as we were that we couldn’t keep enjoying their famous crop of Oktoberfest beers, we were even more concerned for the well-being of the staff, suddenly left without the tips they rely on for a living.

So, we put a team together of caring folks to arrange a benefit concert for the staff. Step one, we formed a nonprofit organization, The Rock Block Preservation Society.[5] Step two, we reached out to the amazing management team of Hurry Back’s sister company and next-door neighbor, Exit In, and locked down December 4th for a benefit concert at the famed music venue.

Next, we started reaching out to Nashville businesses to gather cool stuff for a silent auction (see the bottom of this post for an ever-growing list of some of the generous donors that have been willing to step up for their neighbors).[6] It’s been uplifting to see firsthand how many Nashville businesses are willing to support other members of the community.

Finally, we gathered some top-notch talent to perform. Many of you will be sad to learn that none of the bands Seamus played in throughout his formative years will be reuniting for this event.[7] The good news is, living in Music City allowed us to lock down an incredibly talented and diverse lineup: Champion Electric, Floami Fly, JB Strauss, The Righteous Noise, and Widespell.

So, we hope you’ll join us at Exit In on December 4th at 8 pm to help support the staff of Hurry Back, and in the meantime, if you have legal needs, feel free to give us a call!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Some of the amazingly generous donors.

[1] We’re being facetious. We will never miss an opportunity to remind you why you need the diligent representation Music City Law offers.

[2] Are your neighbors being bad neighbors? Give us a call!

[3] Been in an accident? Give us a call!

[4] Have you had a fire? Give us a call!

[5] Need to form a nonprofit or other business entity? Give us a call!

[6] Need to figure out who gets your cool stuff after you die? Give us a call!

[7] Need help navigating ownership issues after your band’s breakup? Give us a call!

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